i love you 我爱你。爱辣舞有

hello,nice to meet you.你好,见到你很高兴。嗨楼,耐思吐咪t有

how're you doing? 最近怎么样? 好啊油读影

i'm doing fine。我最近很好,爱目读影饭

my name is。我的名字叫。买内目一思。

can i take you out for dinner?可以跟您共进晚餐吗?砍耐忒可油熬t发熬滴呢儿

it's my great honor.这是我莫大的荣幸,一次买股瑞特奥呢儿

long time no see.好久不见。浪太木no系

i miss you。我想你 爱咪思油

what do you do for a living?你做什么工作的?我特堵油度发奥鹅里v影

how old are you?您今年多大年龄? 好偶哒又

where're you going? 歪而啊油沟影

i'm going home。我正要回家。唉母沟影后目

what have you been doing?最近在忙什么? 我特海无油鬓读影

i'm going to work。我正要上班。爱慕沟影吐沃可

are you serious?你没开玩笑吧? 啊油鞋而瑞而思

are you leaving?你要走了吗? 啊油离v影


i love you 我爱你。

爱辣舞有hello,nice to meet you.你好,见到你很高兴。嗨楼,耐思吐咪t有how're you doing? 最近怎么样? 好啊油读影i'm doing fine。

我最近很好,爱目读影饭my name is。我的名字叫。

买内目一思。can i take you out for dinner?可以跟您共进晚餐吗?砍耐忒可油熬t发熬滴呢儿it's my great honor.这是我莫大的荣幸,一次买股瑞特奥呢儿long time no see.好久不见。

浪太木no系i miss you。我想你 爱咪思油what do you do for a living?你做什么工作的?我特堵油度发奥鹅里v影how old are you?您今年多大年龄? 好偶哒又where're you going? 歪而啊油沟影i'm going home。

我正要回家。唉母沟影后目what have you been doing?最近在忙什么? 我特海无油鬓读影i'm going to work。

我正要上班。爱慕沟影吐沃可are you serious?你没开玩笑吧? 啊油鞋而瑞而思are you leaving?你要走了吗? 啊油离v影。


np = no problem; ty or thx = thank you; idk = i don't know; afk = away from keyboard; brb = be right back; omg = oh my god; u = you; r = are; 2 = to/too; 4 = for; b = be; b4 = before; n = and; n2 = into; k = okay; y = why; asl = age, sex (gender), location; ez = easy; bz = busy; c = see; o = oh; ttyl = talk to you later; 99 = night night; sum1 = someone; ne1 = anyone; neways = anyways; lol = laugh out loud; rofl = rolling on the floor laughing; lmao = laughing my ass off; b/c or cuz = because; w/ = with; dun = don't,。


1. I see. 我明白了。

2. I quit! 我不干了!3. Let go! 放手!4. Me too. 我也是。5. My god! 天哪!6. No way! 不行!7. Come on. 来吧(赶快)8. Hold on. 等一等。

9. I agree。 我同意。

10. Not bad. 还不错。11. Not yet. 还没。

12. See you. 再见。13. Shut up! 闭嘴!14. So long. 再见。

14. So long. 再见。15. Why not? 好呀! (为什么不呢?)16. Allow me. 让我来。

17. Be quiet! 安静点!18. Cheer up! 振作起来!19. Good job! 做得好!20. Have fun! 玩得开心!21. How much? 多少钱?22. I'm full. 我饱了。23. I'm home. 我回来了。

24. I'm lost. 我迷路了。25. My treat. 我请客。

26. So do I. 我也一样。27. This way。

这边请。28. After you. 您先。

29. Bless you! 祝福你!30. Follow me. 跟我来。31. Forget it! 休想! (算了!)32. Good luck! 祝好运!33. I decline! 我拒绝!34. I promise. 我保证。

35. Of course! 当然了!36. Slow down! 慢点!37. Take care! 保重!38. They hurt. (伤口)疼。39. Try again. 再试试。

40. Watch out! 当心。41. What's up? 有什么事吗?42. Be careful! 注意!43. Bottoms up! 干杯(见底)!44. Don't move! 不许动!45. Guess what? 猜猜看?46. I doubt it 我怀疑。

47. I think so. 我也这么想。48. I'm single. 我是单身贵族。

49. Keep it up! 坚持下去!50. Let me see.让我想想。51. Never mind.不要紧。

52. No problem! 没问题!53. That's all! 就这样!54. Time is up. 时间快到了。55. What's new? 有什么新鲜事吗?56. Count me on 算上我。

57. Don't worry. 别担心。58. Feel better? 好点了吗?59. I love you! 我爱你!60. I'm his fan。

我是他的影迷。61. Is it yours? 这是你的吗?62. That's neat. 这很好。

63. Are you sure? 你肯定吗?64. Do l have to 非做不可吗?65. He is my age. 他和我同岁。66. Here you are. 给你。

67. No one knows . 没有人知道。68. Take it easy. 别紧张。

69. What a pity! 太遗憾了!70. Any thing else? 还要别的吗?71. To be careful! 一定要小心!72. Do me a favor? 帮个忙,好吗?73. Help yourself. 别客气。74. I'm on a diet. 我在节食。

75. Keep in Touch. 保持联络。76. Time is money. 时间就是金钱。

77. Who's calling? 是哪一位?78. You did right. 你做得对。79. You set me up! 你出卖我!80. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?81. Enjoy yourself! 祝你玩得开心!82. Excuse me,Sir. 先生,对不起。

83. Give me a hand! 帮帮我!84. How's it going? 怎么样?85. I have no idea. 我没有头绪。86. I just made it! 我做到了!87. I'll see to it 我会留意的。

88. I'm in a hurry! 我在赶时间!89. It's her field. 这是她的本行。90. It's up to you. 由你决定。

91. Just wonderful! 简直太棒了!92. What about you? 你呢?93. You owe me one.你欠我一个人情。94. You're welcome. 不客气。

95. Any day will do. 哪一天都行。96. Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吧!97. Congratulations! 祝贺你!98. T can't help it. 我情不自禁。

99. I don't mean it. 我不是故意的。100. I'll fix you up. 我会帮你打点的。

101. It sounds great!. 听起来很不错。102. It's a fine day。

今天是个好天。103. So far, so good. 目前还不错。

104. What time is it? 几点了?105. You can make it! 你能做到!106. Control yourself! 克制一下!107. He came by train. 他乘火车来。108. He is ill in bed. 他卧病在床。

109. He lacks courage. 他缺乏勇气。110. How's everything? 一切还好吧?111. I have no choice. 我别无选择。

112. I like ice-cream. 我喜欢吃冰淇淋。113. I love this game. 我钟爱这项运动。

114. I'll try my best. 我尽力而为。115. I'm On your side. 我全力支持你。

116. Long time no see! 好久不见!117. No pain,no gain. 不劳无获。118. Well,it depends. 噢,这得看情况。

119. We're all for it. 我们全都同意。120. What a good deal! 真便宜!121. What should I do? 我该怎么办?122. You asked for it! 你自讨苦吃。







2 T/T(telegraphic transfer)电汇

3 D/P(document against payment)付款交单

4 D/A (document against acceptance)承兑交单

5 C.O (certificate of origin)一般原产地证

6 G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences)普惠制

7 CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons)纸箱

8 PCE/PCS(piece/pieces)只、个、支等

9 DL/DLS(dollar/dollars)美元

10 DOZ/DZ(dozen)一打

11 PKG(package)一包,一捆,一扎,一件等

12 WT(weight)重量

13 G.W.(gross weight)毛重

14 N.W.(net weight)净重

15 C/D (customs declaration)报关单

16 EA(each)每个,各

17 W (with)具有

18 w/o(without)没有

19 FAC(facsimile)传真

20 IMP(import)进口

21 EXP(export)出口

22 MAX (maximum)最大的、最大限度的

23 MIN (minimum)最小的,最低限度

24 M 或MED (medium)中等,中级的

25 M/V(merchant vessel)商船

26 S.S(steamship)船运

27 MT或M/T(metric ton)公吨

28 DOC (document)文件、单据

29 INT(international)国际的

30 P/L (packing list)装箱单、明细表

31 INV (invoice)发票

32 PCT (percent)百分比

33 REF (reference)参考、查价

34 EMS (express mail special)特快传递

35 STL.(style)式样、款式、类型

36 T或LTX或TX(telex)电传

37 RMB(renminbi)人民币

38 S/M (shipping marks)装船标记

39 PR或PRC(price) 价格

40 PUR (purchase)购买、购货

41 S/C(sales contract)销售确认书

42 L/C (letter of credit)信用证

43 B/L (bill of lading)提单

44 FOB (free on board)离岸价

45 CIF (cost,insurance&freight)成本、保


常用词 4=FOR 到永远=FOREVER 2=TO RTN=RETURN(送回) BT=BLOOD TYPE(血型) PLS=PLEASE(请) BD=BIRTHDAY(生日) REWARD=酬谢 REWARD 4 RETURN=送回有酬谢 ALLRG=过敏 IAC in any case IAE = in any event 无论如何 IAE in any event IANAL I am not a lawyer (also IANAxxx, such as IANACPA) IANALBIPOOTV I am not a lawyer, but I play one on TV IARTPFWTSIOWIM I am repeating this parrot-fashion with out the slightest idea of what it means. IBC inadequate, but cute IBTD I beg to differ. IC = I see 我明白 ICCL - " I Could Care Less" IDGAD I don't give a damn. IDGAS I don't give a shit. IDK I don't know IDK - " I don't know" IHTFP - " I have truly found paradise" (or: I hate this f'n place) IIRC - " If I Recall Correctly" IIRC If I recall correctly IITYWIMWYBMAD If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink? IITYWTMWYKM If I tell you what this means will you kiss me? IIWM if it were me (mine) ILIWTPCT I love it when the plan comes together ILSHIBAMF I laughed so hard I broke all my furniture! IMBO in my biased opinion IMCAO in my completely arrogant opinion (Use for attracting flames!) IMCO in my considered opinion IME in my experience IMHO = in my humble opinion 依本人愚见 IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion IMO = in my opinion 在我看来 INPO in no particular order IO - " Input Output" As in file IO. IOW = in other words 换句话说 MYOB Mind your own business! NALOPKT Not a lot of people know that. NBD no big deal NFI no friggin' idea NFW no fucking way NH - " Nice Hand" NIMBY not in my back yard NIT = night 晚上 NNTP - " Network News Transfer Protocol" NOS(Network Operate System) :网络操作系统。

NRN = no reply necessary 不必回答 NS(Network Service) :网络服务。 NTL nevertheless NTP - " Network Time Protocol" NTTAWWT not that there's anything wrong with that NY = New York 纽约 O.K. - abbreviation of " oll korrect" OAO over and out OATUS on a totally unrelated subject OAUS on an unrelated subject OBTW oh, by the way OIC Oh , I see .我明白了。

OTOH = on the other hand 另一方面 OTOOH on the other other hand OTT over the top OTTH on the third hand OTTOMH off the top of my head OTTOMHAROOB off the top of my head and rolling out of bounds OTW on the whole THOT = thought 思想 TIA - " The Internet Adaptor" TIA = thanks in advance 先谢谢了。


1000句最常用英语口语1. i see. 我明白了。

2. i quit! 我不干了! 3. let go! 放手! 4. me too. 我也是。 5. my god! 天哪! 6. no way! 不行! 7. come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. hold on. 等一等。

9. i agree。 我同意。

10. not bad. 还不错。 11. not yet. 还没。

12. see you. 再见。 13. shut up! 闭嘴! 14. so long. 再见。

15. why not? 好呀! (为什么不呢?) 16. allow me. 让我来。 17. be quiet! 安静点! 18. cheer up! 振作起来! 19. good job! 做得好! 20. have fun! 玩得开心! 21. how much? 多少钱? 22. i'm full. 我饱了。

23. i'm home. 我回来了。 24. i'm lost. 我迷路了。

25. my treat. 我请客。 26. so do i. 我也一样。

27. this way。 这边请。

28. after you. 您先。 29. bless you! 祝福你! 30. follow me. 跟我来。

31. forget it! 休想! (算了!) 32. good luck! 祝好运! 33. i decline! 我拒绝! 34. i promise. 我保证。 35. of course! 当然了! 36. slow down! 慢点! 37. take care! 保重! 38. they hurt. (伤口)疼。

39. try again. 再试试。 40. watch out! 当心。

41. what's up? 有什么事吗? 42. be careful! 注意! 43. bottoms up! 干杯(见底)! 44. don't move! 不许动! 45. guess what? 猜猜看? 46. i doubt it 我怀疑。 47. i think so. 我也这么想。

48. i'm single. 我是单身贵族。 49. keep it up! 坚持下去! 50. let me see.让我想想。

51. never mind.不要紧。 52. no problem! 没问题! 53. that's all! 就这样! 54. time is up. 时间快到了。

55. what's new? 有什么新鲜事吗? 56. count me on 算上我。 57. don't worry. 别担心。

58. feel better? 好点了吗? 59. i love you! 我爱你! 60. i'm his fan。 我是他的影迷。

61. is it yours? 这是你的吗? 62. that's neat. 这很好。 63. are you sure? 你肯定吗? 64. do l have to 非做不可吗? 65. he is my age. 他和我同岁。

66. here you are. 给你。 67. no one knows . 没有人知道。

68. take it easy. 别紧张。 69. what a pity! 太遗憾了! 70. any thing else? 还要别的吗? 71. to be careful! 一定要小心! 72. do me a favor? 帮个忙,好吗? 73. help yourself. 别客气。

74. i'm on a diet. 我在节食。 75. keep in touch. 保持联络。

76. time is money. 时间就是金钱。 77. who's calling? 是哪一位? 78. you did right. 你做得对。

79. you set me up! 你出卖我! 80. can i help you? 我能帮你吗? 81. enjoy yourself! 祝你玩得开心! 82. excuse me,sir. 先生,对不起。 83. give me a hand! 帮帮我! 84. how's it going? 怎么样? 85. i have no idea. 我没有头绪。

86. i just made it! 我做到了! 87. i'll see to it 我会留意的。 88. i'm in a hurry! 我在赶时间! 89. it's her field. 这是她的本行。

90. it's up to you. 由你决定。 91. just wonderful! 简直太棒了! 92. what about you? 你呢? 93. you owe me one.你欠我一个人情。

94. you're welcome. 不客气。 95. any day will do. 哪一天都行夕 96. are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吧! 97. congratulations! 祝贺你! 98. t can't help it. 我情不自禁。

99. i don't mean it. 我不是故意的。 100. i'll fix you up. 我会帮你打点的。

101. it sounds great!. 听起来很不错。 102. it's a fine day。

今天是个好天。 103. so far,so good. 目前还不错。

104. what time is it? 几点了? 105. you can make it! 你能做到! 106. control yourself! 克制一下! 107. he came by train. 他乘火车来。 108. he is ill in bed. 他卧病在床。

109. he lacks courage. 他缺乏勇气。 110. how's everything? 一切还好吧? 111. i have no choice. 我别无选择。

112. i like ice-cream. 我喜欢吃冰淇淋。 113. i love this game. 我钟爱这项运动。

114. i'll try my best. 我尽力而为。 115. i'm on your side. 我全力支持你。

116. long time no see! 好久不见! 117. no pain,no gain. 不劳无获。 118. well,it depends 噢,这得看情况。

119. we're all for it. 我们全都同意。 120. what a good deal! 真便宜! 121. what should i do? 我该怎么办? 122. you asked for it! 你自讨苦吃! 123. you have my word. 我保证。

124. believe it or not! 信不信由你! 125. don't count on me.别指望我。 126. don't fall for it! 别上当! 127. don't let me down. 别让我失望。

128. easy come easy go. 来得容易,去得快。 129. i beg your pardon. 请你原谅。

130. i beg your pardon? 请您再说一遍(我没有听清)。 131. i'll be back soon. 我马上回来。

132. i'll check it out. 我去查查看。 133. it's a long story. 说来话长。

134. it's sunday today. 今天是星期天。 135. just wait and see! 等着瞧! 136. make up your mind. 做个决定吧。

137. that's all i need. 我就要这些。 138. the view is great. 景色多么漂亮! 139. the wall has ears. 隔墙有耳。

140. there comes a bus. 汽车来了。 141. what day is today? 今天星期几? 142. what do you think? 你怎么认为? 143. who told you that? 谁告诉你的? 144. who's kicking off? 现在是谁在开球? 145. yes,i suppose so. 是的,我也这么认为。

146. you can't miss it 你一定能找到的。 147. any messages for me? 有我的。


usually 英 ['juːʒuəli] 美 ['juːʒuəli]

adv. 通常;经常


usually carry 经常拿 usually have 通常拥有 usually operate 经常操作


adv. (副词)






generally 英 ['dʒenrəli] 美 ['dʒenrəli]

adv. 一般地;通常;普遍地


generally speaking 一般来说 generally labeling 一般标记

cheque crossed generally 普通划线支票


用作副词 (adv.)

1、Generally speaking, women live longer than men.


2、It is generally accepted that smoking is harmful to our health.



U2 : you too的缩写,你也一样

3Q: thank you的缩写,谢谢

IC:I See的缩写带音译,我知道了

CU:See You的缩写带音译,再见

DIY:Do It Yourself的缩写,自己动手做的意思

BTW:By the way,顺便说一句。

LOL:Laugh Out Loud,大笑。

BBL:Be back later,过会儿就回。

KYA:kick your ass:打你屁屁。




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本文主要为您介绍暖气循环泵怎么用,内容包括暖气上的循环泵怎么用,温控器调到多少才合适,请问暖气循环泵如何使用,暖气循环泵怎么用。内容如下:如果您家中的暖气是串联,要安装在最后一组如果是并联,哪组不热就安装在哪组上水温40度左右 室温15




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本文主要为您介绍10点10分用英语怎么说,内容包括10点10分用英语怎么说,10点10分用英语怎么说,10点15分用英语怎么说。10点10分,用英语说是“ten past ten”。时间时刻的英语表示法:1. 表示几点钟用基数词加可以省略的oclock5:00 读




本文主要为您介绍0用英语怎么说,内容包括0用英语怎么说,0用英语怎么说,数字0用英语怎么说。zero英音:[ziərəu]美音:[zɪro] 以下结果由译典通提供词典解释名词 n. 1.零;零号[C]There are two




本文主要为您介绍积极用英语怎么说,内容包括积极用英语怎么说,积极用英语怎么说,积极的英语怎么说。积极的英文单词:positive; active; energetic<br>二、positive<br>音标:英 [ˈpɒzətɪv]




本文主要为您介绍英语老师用英语怎么说,内容包括英语老师英语怎么说,“英语老师”用英语怎么说,一个英语老师用英语怎么说。一个英语老师_有道翻译翻译结果:An English teacherteacher英 [tiːtʃə]美 [titʃɚ]n. 教师;导师




本文主要为您介绍这儿用英语怎么说,内容包括这儿、用英语怎么说,在这里用英文怎么说,在这儿用英语怎么说。“here”就够了。here读音:英 [hɪə(r)] 美 [hɪr] adv.在这里;这时;在这一点上;(给某人东西或指出某物时说)n




本文主要为您介绍qq用英语怎么说,内容包括腾讯用英语怎么说,QQ用英语怎么说,QQ英语怎么说。OpenICQ。 ICQ就是英文“I SEEK YOU”简称,中文意思是--我找寻你。 QQ以前是模拟ICQ来的,ICQ是面向国际的一个